Art for art’s sake

Aug 17th, 2014

In recent years the dry stone walling scene seems to have been overrun with individuals claiming to be sculptors and artists, is this art for art’s sake? I have given this proliferation much thought and I have finally come to the conclusion that, albeit slightly disappointing, these “artists” feel that being a craftsman does not sufficiently describe their activities and they need a more weighty significant title to operate under. Granted using the designation of Artist may add a certain gravitas in the eyes of others and indeed may add value to any work commissioned or produced, but does merely assigning yourself the title of artist or sculptor make you one? I think probably not. continue reading

Dry stone walling – new beginnings.

Aug 10th, 2014

Within these posts I will obviously draw on my experience as a professional dry stone waller with over twenty five years involvement in the craft. I have chosen this medium in which to express my opinions as I find Face Book and other forums too contentious. Any comments I make are only my opinions, I can sometimes be quite outspoken but I ask to be excused of this as it is only my passion for the craft that leads me to such strong opinions.

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June 2014 Pinnacle Award

Jun 24th, 2014

The first half of 2014 has been very eventful, in March I travelled to Edinburgh to attend the Dry Stone Walling Association’s AGM where I was presented with my second full Pinnacle Award for the dry stone walling at Brackenrigg in Cumbria.

This is my second full award, meaning Hugh Drysdale from Scotland and myself are the only two dry stone wallers ever to have been presented with two Pinnacle Awards.

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2013 Isle of Skye

Jul 23rd, 2013

Three months of 2013 were spent on the Isle of Skye in Scotland constructing an impressive dry stone sanctuary on a beach. Probably the most complex structure Andrew has ever been asked to build using dry stone walling techniques.

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